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Fifth Dimension
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Fifth Dimension is taking the practice of architecture to a new dimension. While building information modeling (BIM) brought a fourth dimension to the industry, 5D has gone beyond architecture and enhanced the work-flow and relationships between our clients, contractors, engineers and consultants by working together to embrace the future of design and technology.

Fifth Dimension
Firm Team & Culture

Our team works in a collaborative manner that steers away from the stereotypes of most architectural firms. All members of the firm are actively involved in a project's development and success. In the ten years since we founded the firm, we have been dedicated to creating a culture where everyone brings their specific talents to the table. We feel we have something to learn from everyone on the team.

Recent Work
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A new way
The 5D Way of Designing
1/5 Dynamically Evolving

Our digital society is in a constant state of change. Paralleling its transformation, we implement a new dimension to the design process by constantly adapting to and utilizing the latest technology to enhance time proven construction techniques.

2/5 Driven by Technology

We focus on hiring technology-driven individuals committed to the 5D design process which allows our unique team to utilize revolutionary tools such as Laser Scanning, Building Information Modeling, Virtual Reality and 5D visualization.

3/5 Dedicated to Our Clients’ Success

The Fifth Dimension isn’t just within the buildings we design. It is an enhanced level of relationships we build with our clients through our dedicated team of architects and designers who are committed to our clients’ success.

4/5 Diverging from Convention

Focusing on harnessing the benefits of holistic programing and the integrated Design Process, Fifth Dimension is taking the role of the architect to a new dimension, providing a process that parallels rapidly advancing construction management techniques.

5/5 Diversifying Our Portfolio

Our multidimensional team’s experience brings a diverse expertise to a wide variety of project types allowing our firm to operate on a national level across multiple sectors.

Technology Driven Design

Fifth Dimension is committed to the integrated design process while advancing the leading edge of innovation and technology.

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